Security Services

IP Video Surveillance:

The now and the future of video surveillance is in the IP world. The days of the past where coax cable was run to a TV monitor is all but gone. With the emergence of IP security, you must look to a company that has a strong background in Networking, Wireless, Operating Systems, and Network Attached Storage.

IntegraSys has not only these attributes but also an outside team that is licensed to run Ethernet cable and today’s skill set for this changing environment.

IntegraSys offers:

  • IP video Software
  • Training
  • Security Design
  • Analytics
  • Training
  • IP cameras
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Cabling
  • Bucket truck services
  • Turn Key installations
  • Warranty & Maintenance Packages
  • Outdoor security cameras over wireless mesh
  • Self contained outdoor pole mounted cameras/DVRs

Access Control

IP Based access control can take your entire building to whole new level of security. IntegraSys’s access control solutions can tie into an existing video surveillance solution or a database of known offenders to protect you, your employees, or your students. Be it 1 door or 1000 doors, a new IP access control solution will give complete visibility into the security of your establishment.

IntegraSys’ access control options include:

  • Keyless door entry
  • Remote control
  • Detailed reporting
  • Contractor access
  • Video surveillance integration
  • Time and attendance
  • Biometric Readers
  • Alarm Integration
  • Email Messaging alerts
  • Hands free tokens
  • Key fobs

Security Design

If you need a security system that has to go out to RFP or to bid and you want to make sure you are utilizing the latest technology, IntegraSys can help. IntegraSys can put together a complete bid specification including cameras, software, wireless, networking, servers, and storage. Our package includes site drawings, satellite pictures, cable specifications, and part numbers to ensure you get exactly what you want for you organization. Do not let your project fall short with the "lowest bidder syndrome".

Low bid does not mean the best solution. Ensure your project goes smoothly by hiring IntegraSys to do the leg work for you.