Network Design and Maintenance

Installation and service

Network installation and maintenance, computers and servers

We are the experts of your data and communications network. We offer every service, from specialized consulting to implementation of IT&C networks and their regular maintenance.

The IT and mobile communications world is changing at lightning speed. Technological developments and the way of doing business today requires a data network infrastructure that is designed to reduce costs and risks, so that you can focus on business opportunities.

IntegraSys provides turnkey solutions to its partners, developed according to specific needs, such as:

  • planning - audit of current and future network applications;
  • network design data - detailed network specifications and modes of implementation;
  • structured cabling, installation and configuration of servers;
  • implement management policies - our certified Cisco engineers provide optimal solutions of the project;
  • optimization - maximizing investment and integration solutions by analyzing traffic data / voice / video)
  • technical support for all types of network cable, optical fiber or radio.

Click here (a soft layer cabling data center server rack - youtube) to see how it works.

Network security

Network security services

Securing the data infrastructure has become undeniably the last 10 years' biggest challenge for every type of business. New viruses and worms are created every day in order to steal information or destroy data and communications systems, forcing companies to invest large sums in software and technology specializing in data and infrastructure protection.

At IntegraSys we evaluate all data and system security infrastructure and then develop a complete solution for your current and future demands.

In our projects we use, integrate and implement cutting-edge technologies and solutions using appropriate tools for project management so that we fit in scheduled time and budget.

Wireless networks (WLANs)

  • 'in-building' WLAN networks - WLAN technology can take the place of structured cabling networks offering high mobility and eliminating the need for cable ducts;
  • 'building to building' networks - the power of radio redefines 'local', managing to enlarge networks spanning several hundred meters into tens of kilometers links.


  • hardware maintenance - warranty and post-warranty;
  • software maintenance.

Maintenance services are designed to reduce IT&C costs in the margin of their business characteristics.